About Us

         In 1961 Kashinath Laddha entered into a partnership and started the company JACKSON PAINTS AND ALLLIED INDUSTRIES. This company was in to dealing of whiting powder. After a year the partnership broke and the company was run by Kashinath Laddha alone. He started manufacturing coloured mud, sunla.

         In year 1981 his son Shirish Laddha completed his MSc in chemistry from Pune University. He started working in college as a professor and also started helping his father. In 1982 they bought an old machinery repaired it and started manufacturing dry distemper for tiles. All this while Mr. Shirish Laddha was also taking training at reliable chemical works in Mumbai.

         In year 1984 SKCO Paints Products was incorporated by Shirish Laddha. He took over the company from his father and entered the line of decorative paints. He started with the manufacturing of dry distemper (for walls), gradually started with the manufacturing of red oxide and primer. At the beginning the red oxide and primer were sold in old containers (second hand containers). Later on he started selling primers and red oxides in new containers under our brand name. After this he entered oil paint market. In this time the company started developing their brand name in the local market. The dealers increased. Sale was increasing on a regular basis and people started recognising the company.

         We are committed to innovate the products required for today's divergent global needs. Company believes in change. We are continuously adding new and innovative products to improve overall quality of the products. All products are manufactured considering all environment safety parameters for a green and clean environment